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"Guardian Angel" released on Kindle

February 7, 2015
Posted at 11:31 pm

I'm happy to say that the completely reworked, edited, and refined first book of "Living Next Door to Heaven" has been released on Kindle eBook at

Before you rush out and buy this book, please understand that there have been vast changes to the story from the version that was posted here on SOL. Reading both versions simultaneously could cause confusion. Many characters, schools, streets, and other significant places have been renamed. It all makes the story better.

I have also re-inserted several scenes that I previously cut in order to comply with SOL's posting guidelines. These scenes depict characters under the age of 14 in sexual situations. I consider these scenes to be normal acts among peers. At no time is there a sexual situation across generations. I felt that the scenes added a great deal to the depth of the characters and to understanding several of the relationships that evolve as the story goes on. If you live in an area where possession of that type of material is illegal, please don't risk it.

Also, for the foreseeable future, the book will be available exclusively on Kindle. If you only have a tablet or PC, Amazon does have free Kindle software you can download. Amazon really puts authors over a barrel and beats them in order to take advantage of their special promotional features. If you are on some other reading platform, I'm sorry.

Aside from that, I'm really stoked to have the book out there in the market! Thanks to all of you who have requested me to release the book in that forum.