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Chapter 4

February 6, 2015
Posted at 6:44 pm

I mentioned in a previous note that I understood that life happens, and can upset plans. Believe me, I have proof. Two days ago I received some extremely useful information that will require a significant edit on the story. I planned to do that yesterday afternoon, estimating it would take me several hours at the minimum. At 4:00 AM yesterday the phone rang; my son-in-law was calling. My youngest girl was going into labor and we were required. We spent the entire day, twelve-plus hours, at a hospital an hour away from home. Everything worked out fine and we have another beautiful granddaughter, but so much for my editing plans.

As for the story so far, Grim is now growing up. Strangely enough, girls aren't so yucky any longer. Who'd have guessed?

- rlfj