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On the Issue of Race and Erotica

February 5, 2015
Posted at 12:03 pm

I'm adding my take on this issue, recently raised by Lubrican's blog and added to by Harry Carton because, as people who are reading my latest story, Carrying the Flag will know, race and racism is an important element. The interracial sex may squick some people, though I am trying to avoid the typical cliches.

The same goes for amputee sex.

The narrator is Vietnamese American. Her boyfriend is black American. Her newest friend and member of her lunch group is Pakistani Muslim and a double amputee.

The lunch group already includes a Hispanic or Latino (I'm still sorting out the difference there), a Jew, and an Ethiopian (black) American, among others. A bigoted male Caucasian and his coterie provide the conflict.

Even though I'm heterosexual male I frequently write from the female POV. A LOT of porn is written by men from that POV, by the way. I'm trying not to let my gender and race get in the way.

What I am trying to do is explore the challenge of being different in the Naked in School Universe. I'm hoping to resolve the conflicts more peacefully in this book than I did in Dee Saves the Program.

It isn't easy, because I have to get inside the heads of ALL my characters and I'm wrestling with some very touchy issues. The story is going slowly for that reason, and because I've had the usual Real World intrusions to distract me.

I like the challenge, and I hope it will get some people thinking with both of their heads. I also hope I get lots of feedback, positive or negative, and that people enjoy it as a good read, perhaps in spite of their prejudices.

I welcome the discussion.