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Falling in Love Again

February 3, 2015
Posted at 6:58 pm

I've just finished the final proofread draft of Living Next Door to Heaven Book One: Guardian Angel. Over the past two weeks, I've relived the beginning of this story, how Brian came to have the friends he did, the importance of Heaven in his life, and the absolutely loveable and adorable introduction to Rhonda.

I fell in love with her all over again.

And, as a result, I've started getting excited and nervous about her impending re-introduction to the story. It's like having a date with an old girlfriend that you were broken-hearted over when she left. I've probably received more email about Rhonda than any other character I written, most demanding that she come back. Now, I worry that she will no longer be lovable, that people won't like her anymore, that she is too... Well, I won't give that away.

But I promise, the time is coming. Not tonight, but very, very soon.