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Letters from the Road - Family Feud Continuation

January 30, 2015
Posted at 6:03 pm

I am working on Hard Times exclusively but every now and then I wonder about the Taylors from Family Feud.

I have thought about writing a short story "Letters from the Road" from Jamie Taylor's perspective about the trip to Indiana with her family right after the tail end of FF5.

What happens as they stop at rest stops and need gas money, or have a flat tire. Bill and Chris go off on foot to send back a tow truck and leave the girls to wait for it - what kinds of shenanigans might happen.

Would the discipline be loosened, and how the girls might react to being able to choose their own breakfast.

"You guys go ahead and order for me," Wendy says across the table at Denny's "It's been so long since I had a choice."

"C'mon mom, do you want pancakes, or eggs over my hammy, or.." Chris overwhelms her with choices.

"Seriously, Sir, please choose for me, I really don't know.."

"You don't have to call me Sir anymore,"

"I know sorry, could you give me a slap everytime I forget, Sir? I mean Chris...damnit."

That transformation they went through not quite over and how it will forever affect their relationships.

I might be willing to write something like that - soliciting ideas for road experiences?