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Chapter 2

January 30, 2015
Posted at 1:08 pm

So far the new story has seen some positive response. For those of you worried I'm writing a story about a little boy, relax. He grows up. He's also a relatively normal kid, completely unlike my last hero.

Amusing note - I have never told my wife about my hobby of writing stories. For one thing, her tastes are more than a bit different than mine. In any case, whenever she asks me what I am typing at night when watching television, I have always told her that I'm writing the great American novel. A couple of nights ago she laughs and says, "Well, I hope you finish it soon, so I can stop working the night shift at Price Chopper!"

It was just too much for me. I turned to her and answered, "I have and it's published!"

She stared at me and went, "What?"

"I wrote a novel. It's on lulu and Amazon. People have paid hundreds of dollars to read it! It's twice as long as War and Peace!" Then I gave her a raspberry for good measure. I offered to load a reader on her laptop and copy the file to her computer. In most ways, I doubt she will ever read it, since she reads slower than a snail's pace. Not sure where this will end up going, but she knows my secret now.

- rlfj