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January 28, 2015
Posted at 11:04 am
Updated: January 28, 2015 - 11:51 am

If you are a fan of the Family Feud Universe you know that the stories are very long, involved tales where the subjects begin as just typical white-bread America and go on a slow evolution (or de-evolution) as life altering circumstances drag them into their current situation.

If you are not, then yes, that's basically what they are about. They are also about entertaining and that means making you horny, making you laugh, making you think, whatever fantasies they inspire is all good (as long as no one acts upon them, but thats implied).

Family Feud is the story of a "perfect" Middle American Family in an affluent Neighborhood. They start off with the women trying to change the men and make them better and in the end I think that is how it ends up for everyone. There is a lot of bondage, sex, humiliation, blackmail along the way.

Hard Times is my current story and it's in the "same Universe" - many of the characters from the story even find their way into this story. You will see in coming chapters that there is a thread with some of the side-characters all having known each other in the past and the incestuous results of their families coming together are what led to the creation of Cherry Lawn Estates (And the Buckman Trailer Park).

Hard Times is about a white-bread teenage girl from Cherry Lawn who has to move in with her Aunt's family in a massive trailer park in a neighboring poor county. She gets sucked into their scams and grifts and I think in the end is better for it (we'll see). There is lots of bondage, sex, humiliation, blackmail etc along the way as well.

I tell you this because I came up with an idea for a game. A game that may inspire readers and authors on SOL!!

I was watching one of those daytime talk shows and one of the subjects was a 40 year old man with a young teenage wife. He thought she loved him and then she asked if a "Friend" she went to high school could move in.

Naturally, she hung on her hubby and manipulated him into helping this guy out. In time, the man became friends with this guy and they hung out almost like father and son, as sort of a mentor. He was glad to help him out.

Then he finds out that she is sleeping with this guy, and that they have been mocking him behind his back and laughing at him. So he chases them out and has a big confrontation with his wife's mother who apparently wanted to get the two younger people together anyway and had known they were sweet hearts in high school but never revealed it to the older man.

I thought to myself "Fuck, this would make a fantastic story!! especially if we were to elaborate on it!"

This guy is living the Buckman story. He ends up opening an internet modeling business and hiring his ex-wife (who is now living with this guy) to model for him nude in very explicit shots and sort of cuckolding the young man.

He could easily be a "Neighbor down the Road from J street" on the Buckman.

So here is what I propose:

Record Three day time talk shows on your DVR or watch them straight online or on TV. Any talk shows - at random. You can't even read the show notes to find out what kind of show it is in advance. Springer is probably the best for this, but Steve Wilcos, Maury, any trash will do.

Pick one subject on the three shows.


Pick someone from your own life, maybe a neighbor, maybe the people I just described in my example, maybe yourself with some conflict or strife in their life.


Pick a side character you wondered about in the Family Feud series!!

Then set them either in "Cherry Lawn Estates" an ordinary but affluent suburb on "Gardenia Avenue", a street a few down from where the Taylor Family lived.

or set them in the Buckman down on "J Street" not too far from Glory Hill.

You don't have to involve them with the characters or the timeline from Family Feud but it would be nice if you add them to the "Family Feud" Universe (Totally optional).

This story is about them, it should be a nice little short story with a start (chapter one), a middle (conflict) and an end (chapter three).

You can give them different names and change a few things about their lives (that's an author's privilege). Write the problem pretty much as you saw it but give them the ending you think they deserve!!

That's the game: Even if you have never written a story, just give it a shot! See what you can come up with.

You might inspire somebody ELSE to write, or better to masturbate to your story!!

As a side note: Kung Fu Dave is loosely based on a real character from Jerry Springer. His sister Cricket is sort of an amalgamation of the girlfriends (and possibly sister/cousin) he brought on the show. Search him on google and you'll probably find him!