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January 27, 2015
Posted at 5:14 pm

Breaking the Mold Chapter Four

It was Saturday night, just a few days after Mary's session with Tony Firestone and Sandor VanCleef. Amanda had made arrangements for Tony and her to share a table with Arthur and Mary at the Christmas dance at the country club. She said they had invited an unmarried guest and his lady friend to join in. When Amanda told her that the guest would be Sandor and his date, Mary was both surprised and excited. Her mind went back to the bed in the Blackthorn Motel and the image of Sandor's super-sized manhood and how it felt plowing her in such a ponderous fashion. After she had left that day she wondered if her vagina would ever get back to its original tone. What she found was that she had even better control and could pull it even tighter when having sex...

And the fun goes on.