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January 26, 2015
Posted at 10:22 pm

Sometimes my characters seem to go off on vacation by themselves and leave me alone. It's really different when you are used to having this bunch of voices in your head and all of a sudden they are silent. Nature abhors a vacuum, they say, and apparently my mind is a vacuum that will suck in anything around me.

And so it happened that I got really busy with some professional (paying) projects and Brian and crew stopped talking to me. They promised they'd be back when I get to Florida and could pay attention. But that left a silence in my head. All of a sudden Hillary started talking, telling me about how her brother was reading incest porn and she just couldn't believe it. How could he think that about her? I guess I'd been reading every story that a certain popular writer had been posting the past several weeks and couldn't get the brother-sister thing off my mind.

So I sat down to write this little ditty. A 13,000-word little ditty as it happened. What happens when sister discovers her twin brother is not only reading, but writing incest porn? And it's all about her!

Well, things get interesting in "My brother reads incest porn. zOMG! He writes it!" Enjoy!