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January 26, 2015
Posted at 10:59 am

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Odyssey: od·ys·sey
1. a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune
2. an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

-------------------Mi Vida Loca--------------------
-----------------(My Crazy Life)-------------------
-----------A Young Man's Sexual Odyssey------------

Have you ever read 'Tropic of Cancer' written by Henry Miller?
Have you ever read 'Wifey', written by Judy Blume?
Have you ever read, 'Candy', written by Terry Southern (Maxwell Kenton) and
Mason Hoffenberg?

The reason I ask this is, not to compare my writing with theirs, by any means, but to make you aware of the fact - if you have read any or all of the above classic adult novels, you did so being fully aware beforehand, that you were opening a book not only written about sex, but filled with sex!

If you dare open 'Mi Vida Loca' to the first page, surely you'll not do so expecting to find a life altering adult cult classic such as the three aforementioned novels have become. Surely-you're not that gullible!

If you dare open 'Mi Vida Loca' to the first page, you'll soon discover the story is not only about the explicit pleasures of sex, the story is about a young man coming of age in rural America during the 1950s. A shy, unassuming young man, who before his fifteenth birthday has never dated and never even seen a naked female. Though he has lustful visions of his beautiful young aunt-he's only seen fleeting glimpses of her partially clad body.

Orphaned at an early age, his aunt becomes the only mother he knew. Now begins a close relationship between the two, as they form a bond out of loneliness and in defense of his abusive uncle, her husband.

Not only does he learn about sex, he learns the truth about his heritage. His crazy life-emboldened by his newly discovered heritage-leads him through one wonderfully wild sexual escapade after another. He learns from each of them and uses this knowledge as he eagerly continues his odyssey. Though areas along his pathway may be somewhat shady, he goes from rags to riches to power, never forgetting where he came from. He never forgets his friends or his many, many, many women.

If you dare open 'Mi Vida Loca' and delve into the story only to discover that you're suddenly up to your neck in sex, don't scream at me! I just got through warning you, the story is filled with sexual escapades!

So much so it's called:

--------------Mi Vida Loca----------------
------A Young Man's Sexual Odyssey--------
--------------by: JRyter------------------

Money Back Guarantee:
If you read this story and decide you don't like it,
send me an email with proof of purchase and
I'll refund every last penny you paid me to read it!

Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation.
The other eight are unimportant.... Henry Miller