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Thanks and wierdness

January 26, 2015
Posted at 8:01 am

First, thanks to the few of you who have gone to Amazon and looked at my first novel published. It's been very nice to see that a few of you have been willing to try it.

Next, I am still working on a couple things and have decided everyone here does deserve a bit of a treat. I can't promise it this week, but before mid-Feb I'll have a short (hopefully <10,000 words) tale based around the people of Ishtar and a rather "normal" day for them. Just a little slice of life to entertain everyone here. I promise it will be the next thing I work on after my current project or if I take a break from my current project.

Of course, part of that will depend on if I calm down. Yesterday (yes Sunday) a process server came to my home to deliver a summons. It seems some bus driver with my name was driving a bus that got hit by a car (in Dec 2013). Now a man who was a passenger on the bus is suing the transit company and anyone else he can find for injuries he supposedly suffered because the driver "allowed" the bus to be run into. His lawyer went after anyone with my name living in the country since I have the same name as the bus driver. So now I have to prove that I am not and never have been, employed to drive buses. Can you say I'm not a happy camper?