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January 22, 2015
Posted at 9:21 am

I have been having fun with my latest story, (more fun than I thought I would) if you have read my writings, I seldom write a "book" of more than 10 Chapters I try to keep my Chapter at or around 10 pages.
You can tell where I get carried away if you have been reading "The Dirty Doctors" I have struggled in some chapters to get ten pages and there are I think two so far where I have only eight pages.
One person commented to me by email that there was a lot of unprotected sex "for this to be real" So I put a note on my last submission that my story is fiction, and it is happening in the mid to late seventies before the big AIDS thing came out. Back then every one worried about the "clap", "Syphilis" and "Chlamydia" all of which have medicine to get rid of them (well at least you did not die from them unless you ignored "Syphilis"). Because of Chlamydia I am not able to have children, Because of my lifestyle I am positive that was in the plan. I do not feel I would make a good mother or role model for any child. Then again, maybe if I had been able to have children my life as a whore may not have happened….Nah, who am I trying to kid? I love sex with others (many others) way to much not to be who I am!