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Be a Twinfinity Champion!

January 21, 2015
Posted at 7:43 pm

With five books now out in the series, many of you have now read some or all of them. So let's see how much you, the readers, know about the series. Become a Twinfinity Champion! Our website has a page with all the information.

Go to

Answer the questions pertaining to each book, and if you answer the question on your first guess, you will earn 10 points. If your first answer is wrong, we will give you a hint. If your second answer is correct, you will earn 5 points. You may continue answering, and a correct answer earns you 2 points. You will get at least 1 point for each question you send in an answer, wrong or not. As you read more of the series and answer more of the questions correctly, the higher your score will be. There is a possibility for 180 points. We will notify you with your score when you get a correct answer and let you know of incorrect answers.
We will post either the email name or name of all participants (You chose which you want us to use) and the score for correct answers under the cover. Complete email addresses will not be shown.
We will then total all scores for each email address and show the 10 highest scores at the end of this page as the Twinfinity Champions. This list will be updated around the 1st of each month and 1 or 2 other times during the month, depending on number of monthly entries.
When a new Twinfinity book is released the current person(s) with the highest score on the Twinfinity Champions list, will get a gift certificate for either the Kindle version or paperback version of the book. We will also mention them in the dedication