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A.I. - Chapter 1

January 17, 2015
Posted at 12:59 pm

This is my first posting in a while.
As with my other novels, it's a Kindle book. The reason it's posted here is that, as is I think common to all authors, I write for others to read, and always want as wide a readership as possible; this is a way of expanding my audience. I've been tremendously pleased by the number of downloads my previous posting have received, and the scores they've generated. I'm especially happy that I've done so well with stories that are pretty low on their sex quotient, on a site such as SOL which caters to erotic content; as I've written before in the mouths of some of my characters, I personally don't regard sex as a spectator sport, and consequently don't go very far with the plug-A-into-slot-B descriptions. If that's what you want, look elsewhere. But I try to make up for the lack of overt eroticism with other elements.
For readers too impatient for the chapter-at-a-time schedule here, you can get the whole book from Amazon for three bucks, my standard pricing for all of my published fiction. The rest of my novels, including both those posted on SOL and others, are also available from Amazon. OK, so much for the commercial.
Some readers, as I've learned from feedback from some of my previous postings, want absolute realism in their science fiction. Now, I do try to provide it; to the extent that I'm able; for example, the science part of what I write is as close as I can make it to what's currently state-of-the-art in whatever field is being discussed. But I confess that the initial premise of A.I. is bureaucratically a little unlikely. I mean, a junior keypucher is pretty unlikely to be left alone in a roomful of terminals linked to a key national security computer system, right? But if you'll suspend disbelief that far, I think you'll find the rest of the novel stands up pretty well to reason.
So I hope you'll enjoy.