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Harry Lime Writings Update

January 11, 2015
Posted at 8:09 am

I have been working on cleaning up the "yellow stripe" stories which were mostly the result of leaving stories opened ended for ease of expanding. I try not to do that any longer unless I know that I will definitely add to the story. My writing style is unorthodox in that I write several stories at the same time and I seldom plan anything. I also like to write in what I call "modules" of between 2K and 3K words for easy mobile viewing. This seems to work well with readers because I have over 15 Million downloads of my stories since I started writing in 2011. I seldom do more than one draft of a story unless I am trying to craft it into a something that would be more appealing to critical review. Response to my stories is overwhelmingly positive with about 90 % favorable response. Most of the unfavorable response is technical in nature and I do thank readers for drawing my attention to errors in my writing. I never write anything for a "deadline" and really don't care if my stories make any money. I have a total of 29 e-books on Amazon at this time and I usually add 2 e-books a month with plenty of content to choose from. My stories range from Science-fiction to Historical Romance. They all have an erotic flavor with few exceptions. Having read thousands of good books, I recognize the fact that I am not what one would call a professional author. I seem to have a style that readers find interesting and that is the important element of my joy in writing. I tried at one point to conform my writing to what a publisher wanted or change my words to what an editor thought best. After a few attempts, I stopped that entirely because I felt the changed product was less interesting and lacked the essence of what I was trying to convey. I know that sounds egotistical but at my age, I don't have time to please everybody. Quite often, it is the reader's words of encouragement that inspire me to do more, to do it better, and to have placed in writing what the readers seem to like.