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Lost or Found

January 8, 2015
Posted at 6:28 pm

Storytelling seems to me to be a living, breathing, eating, shitting, crying monster. It moves in ways you never intended. It consumes time and energy and sometimes craps on your shoes. It can break your heart and screw with your mind. What a sweet addiction.

"Willow" new chapter is posted. This is not nearly as dark or violent as the last chapter.

Two primary changes are taking place. Willow is developing as a slave and Carl is developing as a Master. Both changes have been guided by Page, but she has her own agenda that has not been fully revealed.

Carl is afraid of what he will become if he keeps going along this path. This chapter has him playing a role as a master but then being confronted with the fact that he likes it. Also the distance that he has tried to maintain conflicts with what Page wants for herself and Willow.

Future chapters will develop the conflict between Page's vision of the future and Carl's.

Hope you enjoy the scene with the dentist.

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