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Need an escape route?

January 7, 2015
Posted at 8:04 pm

Every once in a while I get into reading a story that I really like that goes on and on and on. Eventually I get to a point where I just wish it would end so I could do something else for a while. Sometimes I get involved in real life and miss a chapter or two and getting caught up just seems like a huge job. Sometimes I just get emotionally drained or it starts feeling repetitive. Sometimes I just get interested in something else. And sometimes I just need a break, no matter how much I have enjoyed the story.

Well, you might even feel that way about Living Next Door to Heaven. Might. Probably not. Right?

At the end of "Part IV: Deadly Chemistry," LNDtH was 522,000 words. "Part V: The Rock" will bring the total to just under 700,000 words on March 23, which is longer than the entire "Model Student" series. And as I've re-read the story, I realized it is a nice ending. Complete. A great breaking point.

So I've decided to offer you an easy out so you can escape from the story and feel like you really got the whole thing. I'll end LNDtH at chapter 116.

Don't panic! If you really like the story, don't despair. I've got more to say. "Part VI: Starting Over" is already nearly 40,000 words. But the location and the dynamics are changing as the kids move out of high school and into college. So, continuing the same every-three-days posting schedule, I'll start LNDtH2 with Part VI. I'm not even going to change the chapter numbering. It will start with Chapter 117. And a complete compendium of the entire cast. Going into Part VI there are 102 active characters with several new ones on the way plus inactive characters from the past. The full compendium will be a reference with a brief description of where in the story each character appeared and anything special about them. I'm going to try to hold Part VI to 150,000 words and get into more of the changes taking place as they move through their college years and maybe beyond. There's another full book in store.

So whether you want an out or you want to continue, I live to serve you!