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Chapter 312 of Book 3 is in the queue

January 2, 2015
Posted at 1:30 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The General sat and took out a cigar from his desk drawer. When it was clipped and lit, he propped his feet on his desk, then blew a stream of smoke toward the ceiling before answering his Colonel. "Thought you might like to see what Morales has been up to lately."

The coffee maker gurgled as it finished. Jeff got up and poured two cups, putting one on the General's desk and sitting with the other cupped in his hands. "Well, Morales was quick to kill his… buddy, or whatever Robertson was to him. Logically, I can't blame Morales. With his attitude, Robertson would doubtless have gotten them both killed."

"Well," Whitworth laughed, "it's not as if Morales broke any laws - there aren't any on 2214," he finished with a chuckle. "We emphasized that the only inhabitants of the planet were criminals sentenced there for life, that there were no laws, nor enforcement of them if there had been any, and it was survival of the fittest. So far, with few exceptions, the fittest have proven to be the animals and the elements."

He took another pull on his cigar and thought for a moment. "I've had my people regularly swap out the probes that are observing Morales. My techs have scanned the vids as the probes come back, and have produced a synopsis of his endeavors for us. I watched only a few minutes of that vid, and it seemed quite interesting. Want to watch it with me?"...

Have a goodun;