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Only two chapters to go--Happy New Year

January 1, 2015
Posted at 12:58 am

Don't panic! That's only two chapters in "LNDtH Part IV: Deadly Chemistry." Chapter 89 posts tonight, 1/1/2015 at around 8:30 EST unless the posting droids have taken time off for the holiday. Never can tell. We do wish Lazeez and all his minions a Happy New Year.

Chapters 89 and 90 (1/4/15) are pretty tense, but that will bring Part IV to a close. Sunday, you'll also get the Intro and Cast list for "LNDtH Part V: The Rock." Then we are off on 26 more chapters of this roller coaster starting 1/7/15. You'll be happy to know that most of those 26 are about Rhonda. I am so glad that so many people have fallen in love with this woman that I love so much. Just remember, when you're halfway through hell, that's no time to turn around.

In other news, "Blackfeather" is in my first line editor's hands and I hope to get it this week so I can start the rewrite and get it posted by end of February. I have several other projects both for SOL and elsewhere in the works so I'm keeping warm here in the Texas Panhandle by burning the midnight oil.

Which reminds me: Happy New Year. May your 2015 bring you your heart's desire!