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Upcoming for 2015

December 31, 2014
Posted at 8:35 pm

Wow, 2014 is finally over. It's been a wild and crazy year for me. Changed job, Had my 22 year old car's engine go through a series of failures that have ended up with me paying far too much for "repairs" until I finally realized that I needed to get the engine rebuilt. (so I love my car. :P ) Saw a couple of my beloved pet rabbits pass away.

but none of you probably care about that. You're all about my writing.

I did start and finish Family Letters with Anne. That was a ton of fun to work on as it gave us both a chance to explore new ideas, but forced us to react to what another person was writing. The characters grew so nicely. I won't try it again soon, but I'm proud to have partnered with Anne.

But you want to know what's upcoming, especially here.

I do have another Swarm Cycle story in work. It's been #2 in the queue for a while. But it has received a lot of attention in 2014 and currently is at 235255 words. Which would make it my longest Swarm Cycle story ever. Scary thing is that its not close to finished. I have a lot more story to work on once I have time.

To get to that I need to finish book 4 of the series I'm going to put on Amazon. Book 1 will appear on Amazon sometime in January. I hope everyone here is looking forward to it. Book 2 and book 3 are written. Book 2 has gone through "first pass" editing, but my plan is to publish in March. Book 4 is about 50% complete and will be complete before the end of January.

After that, I am not sure where I'll go. I have a couple of additional story ideas to work on. One is a "superhero" tale that I've been gnawing on for a couple of years. It's practically screaming to be written, but it most likely won't end up here. I do have 2 more Swarm Cycle tales in mind, but after the epic one, I'll probably want a short break. Of course, I have a couple of different sci-fi tales that I could break out. Part will depend on how well my books do.

That said, here is the planned "teaser" for Lost on Jord, which will be available on Amazon, soon.

Sure, the annual sales meetings were always in great places, and Hughes Engineering paid well, but anything involving Eddie -the owner's son- was more trouble than it was worth. On the other hand, what happened dwarfed Eddie's ability to screw things up. The elevator didn't take them to the meeting room. In fact, they weren't sure where it took them. After the dragon flew by, all Ron and his friends knew was that
they weren't on Earth any more. Instead they were in a place far more dangerous. Ron soon discovered that his friends looked to him to get them out and tell them that they could survive, but how could he promise that when all he knew was that they were Lost on Jord.