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Chapter 3 preview

December 29, 2014
Posted at 6:57 am

Coming this week on Adam and the Ants:

I turned onto one of the trails that led up the larger North hill, dropping down into a lower gear as the trail started to steepen. The others fell behind and I soon found myself alone at the peak, looking down Fast Lane. It was the steepest of the trails, nearly a straight shot up from the valley. It was used mostly by the dirt bikers who competed for the fastest ascent-- but today I was going the other direction. The others caught up after a few moments, huffing and puffing from pedaling their single speed bikes up the trail. Brett was the first to catch on to what I was planning. "You're not thinking of going down Fast Lane, are you?" he asked incredulously.

"Not thinking," I stated, turning my bike downhill. "Doing. See you all at the bottom!"

As with last week, this week's installment is posting early as my holiday gift to you, my readers. Next week I will go back to the original schedule of one chapter every Thursday. This serves two purposes: (1) Most importantly, A&TA is a serial. I deliberately write most chapters with at least a minor cliffhanger or some other abrupt shift in the plot. Hopefully, this keeps you, dear reader, interested and anxious for what comes next week. (2) Part 2 of A&TA is outlined and Part 3 is, well, sort of sketched out. Stretching out the posting of Part 1 gives me time to keep plugging away at the rest of the story.

I am continually amazed at the wonderful reception I've gotten as a new writer-- fully 33% of you have voted, giving me a score (as of early this morning) of over 7! (I will, as always, give credit as due to the crazy mad editing skills of TenDerLoin along with my advance readers, UnaPrincipessa and LilBitIrish)

This week's chapter contains the first of several references to Eddie's parody lyrics. I will include the songs he parodies on my Spotify playlist (, along with the songs from the chapter introductions. This week's additions: Bicycle Race by Queen and Stuck on You by Lionel Richie.