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Not so Merry Christmas

December 27, 2014
Posted at 9:47 pm

I recently got an email from a reader who asked if my computer had possibly been hacked, as he had received one of those spam messages that appeared to come from me. He sent me a copy of the message, which had a link in it that the spammer wanted somebody to click on.

That message had some of the addresses of readers I have corresponded with, but it was signed "Lubrican" which, if you've ever gotten mail from me, isn't how I sign off.

Since the email account in question is provided to me by SOL, I wrote to Lazeez and asked him if I needed to close that account and open a new one, or change my password or whatever. He wrote back and asked me to check my sent message folder, to see if I had lots of emails sent that I didn't actually send.

Only then did I remember when another email account I used one time started acting funny, and when I checked, I found literally thousands of emails in the sent folder that I didn't send at all.

That time, I had to change the password to the account and that solved the problem. But this time, there were no suspicious emails sent, including to the person who alerted me of the issue.

When I got back to Laz, he said that what probably happened was that one of my reader's accounts got hacked, and they used one of my emails to him as a model for sending out spam from his computer. That's clever. They steal the guy's computer and then make it look like they stole someone else's computer.

Anyway, what this all means is that it's not my account that is causing problems. Somebody out there, one of you, has been hijacked.

Something I've learned from this is that it's a good idea, every so often, to open your sent mail folder and take a look at it. You may find that your computer is sending more out than you intend. If so, you can change your password and solve the problem.

Let's make it as hard for the bastards as we can, okay?

Like I told Laz. computers have become so important in daily life that, if I were King, all malicious hackers and spammers would be put to death.

Good thing I'm not King, huh? <G>

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.