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Things are moving

December 26, 2014
Posted at 1:57 pm

I have begun a new book The Dirty Doctors. It was to be a short story, maybe seven to ten pages long. It has gone way past that. It is like I have lost control. This story is just bursting to get told. I have an editor again and things seem to be moving along. We finely have Chapter one all done.
I have learned from experience that if I do not have a completed story i will not post it. Once I get this all edited I will post it.
I have put thirteen (ten page chapters) down and I have so much more to put down. many of my readers will not like this story too much. Peter in this story is a eighteen year old young man being manipulated by a older dirty old man using hypnotherapy guiding him to be Bisexual. On top of that, he is guiding his sweet young barely eighteen year old wife into being a complete whore. I hope to post this story very soon.