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Have I made a mistake?

December 25, 2014
Posted at 2:27 pm


Another Christmas come and gone. I survived! YEAH!!

How much money is too much money to give to a teen? A Wal-Mart gift card worth $100, is that too much money for them to spend on their own at Wal-Mart? It may be and I have a bad feeling about it.

I managed to get all of the wrapping paper picked up, the ham in the crock pot for dinner and now I wait for it to be done. Until then, I'll post a couple of chapters and think about the next book.

Which reminds me, here is part of my idea. We have all heard the Bible story of Adam and Eve, even as children this story is familiar to us. What you say if I said that when the Earth was created in that story that God didn't stop there and created a second Earth just like it but without the serpent around to tempt Eve. Where is this other Earth you ask? Exactly opposite of us in the same solar system that we now reside. Could anyone take that idea and run with it? Maybe? No? Sound too strange to be a story or too preachy? I don't know, this is the strange stuff that floats through my head sometimes.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe New Year!