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December 23, 2014
Posted at 7:57 pm

A Christmas treat for my loyal readers - the next chapter of "The Three Signs - Cathy" has been posted. The first book is drawign to a close; only three chapters remain to be written. Now, in my last blog post, I asked a question - to see if people could identify the well known Australian rock musicians that were named in some of the earlier chapters.

In Chapter 33, at the end of the first gig at the Antler, a young couple came to speak with Will and the band - Mark and Chrissy, who have their own band, and ask ifthere is any objections to them covering the opening tracks Salamon play. Well, they are the core of teh Aussie rock group Divinyls; Mack McEntee and Chrissy Amphlett. "I'll Make YOu Happy" was the first track on their debut album, "Desperate", released in 1982. (Side note - I saw them play live at the Weston Royals rugby club in Canberra in the late 1980's, and almost got into a fight when I told this huge drunk guy who was hassling a young woman to 'fuck off". As we were leaving the venue, he was beling loaded into a cop car with blood all over his face).

Later in Chapter 33, during Will's first gig at the Terrey Hills Tavern, two guys come up to ask Will if he would like to join their group, Guinness. These two are Tim Farriss and Kirk Pengilly, who went on with Tim's two other brothers and Michael Hutchence (a school mate of Andrew Farriss) to form INXS. Late in the 1980's, INXS were in a major series of concerts across Australia with other groups, and to promote the tour, they recorded a cover of "Good Times" with Jimmy Barnes from Cold Chisel.

Now, two other musical "easter eggs" - in Chapter 35, Salamon (and Will) play two gigs at the "Bondi Lifesaver" opening fro AC/DC. Three of the main musicians from AC/DC are mentioned, their vocaliost Bon Scott, guitarists Angus Young and his brother, Malcolm. As well, two members of the band Dragon (the house bad at the Lifesaver), Marc Hunter and Paul Hewson talk to them.

Keep enjoying Will's progression.