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Chapter 14

December 21, 2014
Posted at 12:33 am

The latest chapter of An Unwanted Alias should be up in the next couple of days. It's likely, however, that the following chapter won't appear until the new year is several days old. Holiday stuff will likely cut into my writing.

There's one rule that many authors subscribe to, and it's one I've recommended once or twice to other authors: Don't start posting a story until it's finished.

Thing is, I'm unable to follow my own advice. :)

With Lightning in a Bottle, I got about 20 chapters written before I gave into temptation and started posting them. By the time I got to about chapter 35, my backlog was gone. Some readers will recall that as a result, there were occasional gaps between updates of two or three weeks - sometimes more.

With AUA, I felt compelled to start posting one chapter a week with eight chapters written. Real life intervened for a while, and once again, the backlog vanished before I knew it.

When I start writing a story, I find that I have a very strong urge to get it out there for public consumption as quickly as possible.

So, you may ask, what's the point here? The point is that even though the chapters are going up at a slower rate, it's not because I'm losing interest in the story. It's because I no longer have any backlog, and the chapters are going up at the rate they are produced.

After chapter 14, AUA should have three more chapters (possibly two, but most likely three), plus an epilogue. Next on my writing agenda is to finish Song of Adelita. I'll go into greater detail on my upcoming writing plans in a later blog entry.

Happy Holidays!