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A Christmas Wish Chapter 5 - there is more

December 19, 2014
Posted at 8:36 pm

Sorry I lied when I said this story would be five chapters. My editor thought there should be a little follow-up and let me tell you I was in deep trouble when I told Cassandra that was it. She did 'love' the ending but she wanted to tell a little more about what happened next, so I had to grant 'another' wish to the Lady and am writing chapter six. Just glad it's not Gina - she's really pissed at me and not speaking to me at all - maybe Carolyn and Cassandra can get her to make a wish (not one concerning Fitz though!).
Merry Christmas to all, and as always be thankful for the men and women across the country and around the world serving our nation and be mindful of their sacrifices. AA