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Who gave the butterflies in my stomach bazookas?

December 19, 2014
Posted at 7:01 pm


I finally have decided that I'm done talking about getting a story published on Amazon. That said yesterday I started a serious search for an artist who can do the covers for the fantasy series I've been working on for ages. And now the butterflies decide that I'm not allowed to feel anything but anxiety. :P

I won't forget here and I do plan on continuing to write, but now I will also have my formal stories going. To that end I've added a facebook page for my pen name/ author identity. Information about any books I publish on Amazon will be found there along with cover art as it becomes available, etc.

I hope that many of you who have enjoyed my tales here take a chance once my first book is published. (and I won't be copying the index from old Vladivostok Telephone Directory. :P )