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December 16, 2014
Posted at 10:15 pm

I had no idea that people even read my rantings. So many people contacted me to let me know they are here to help me. I am overwhelmed by all these offers to help me. When it comes to writing about men having sex with other men, I am only guessing on alot of things, First can a young man be convinced that he would enjoy sex with other men? many have offered to help me in this area.
I hope to get through all of them and respond back to each of them .tonight .Writing this new story every time I think of ending it, I get a brainstorm to take it another direction, I have changed the title now three times,. My first title was "The wedding Day" it was to be about a young woman about to get married and was still a virgin. not knowing about sex, and had no interest in sex, afraid that she would fail at being a good wife for her new husband on their wedding day. I had her talking to a Dr. for help, who hypnotizes her and uses her. Then it took off in another direction so I re-named it "The Dirty Doctors", I had the new eighteen year old husband unknowingly being sexually controlled as is his new young wife unknowingly being controlled as well. It is new for me to write a mind control , No Control is the wrong word here, they are not being controlled in the story, they are being led, manipulated due to a cleaver nasty doctors, a woman OBGYN and her brother who is a psychiatrist . I want to put an end to the story but early in the story the kids were invited to a party and it was hinted that they would be the center of attraction. then of course after the Dr. finishes with the new young husband, he has him thinking of going and using the glory holes at the local arcades. I have close to ten Chapters written and so much yet to put down in print. Well I am not going to get to those e.mail's answered by writing all this here .