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Happy Holidays and a quick update

December 16, 2014
Posted at 4:47 pm

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Holdiays. Now that the pleasantries are done I can get on to the update.

Chapter 13, which will be posted next Monday/Tuesday, is the last chapter of what I have been calling Act I. It is also, to steal a term from the Networks, the 'Fall Finale'. I will be taking a short hiatus to the end of the year and will resume the middle of January. The posting schedule will stay the same, once a week, until the story concludes.

I have received mostly positive feedback but also a fair share of disappointment concerning the story itself. I want to address this in a general way.

Each of the stories have been written in a story-within-a-story format. The prologue and epilogue have been real time, while the main story was told in retrospect. March of the Rose is no different. The story title should give you an insight into the main character and it isn't Aaron. A March, is the name of an outpost or castle or city at the edge of a kingdom or empire and is ruled by a Marquis or Marquess. In this case it is about a Marquise. Now, that is not to say that Aaron, Karith, and Reg's involvement is over, because it is not. The main chapters are Reg's tale of what has transpired while Aaron was involved elsewhere. It is also a long set up for the Epilogue, which will be longer than previous stories. I have taken the opportunity to introduce new people and runeswords as well as a character that a reader requested I write a story about. I have received a ton of e-mail on the swords alone and took an opportunity to showcase a few of them.
I hope I have done it all in a fashion that is interesting and compelling. I personally like the story, but then I am writing it too.
I guess I'm asking you to hang in there, enjoy the story, and wait for the conclusion before rejecting it. I promise that Aaron is in it at the end.