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Chapter 8 posted

December 16, 2014
Posted at 11:55 am

I wish to thank everyone for the positive feedback that I have received. Opening Earth is the first in a series of stories about Doug Smith. I have received several suggestions for the story and plan to incorporate some of the suggestions in the next story about the life of Doug Smith.

The life of a simple D-Hopper has become somewhat complex for Doug, and it will shortly become even more complicated. Doug's appointment to the position of Ambassador means that he will need an Embassy. An Embassy means a staff of people who are acquainted with the Multiverse. The logistics of supporting a group of Multiverse citizens on Earth is complex; besides, what sane person would want to come to Earth and face all the problems that living on Earth would cause.

Doug's desire to have a live-in staff of two female slaves to take care of his house and share his bed misfired. Now he has three slaves and a female teenager dependent on him. He needs to take his place as the Multiverse's Ambassador to Earth, but that means his ownership of slaves will become common knowledge on Earth. Slavery is acceptable in the Multiverse, but how will it affect his life and Ambassadorial mission on Earth?

Chapter 8 sets the stage for the next set of complications in Doug's life. Yes, future events are about to make a big change in the life of Doug Smith.