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Another new story needing to be Edited

December 15, 2014
Posted at 3:06 pm

It has been awhile since I posted anything, it is not that I have stopped writing, I love writing, it is a question of an editor. Four times now I have sent out stories to be edited and so far I am batting a zero. I guess my story got a little kinky or something, I am glad I did not post the first four chapters of the story because if I had it would just be sitting there

I know I am entering into area's that are a little far out, for instance my newest story I am working on is about two young eighteen year old's, she is a virgin, He is not. His "thing" is eating fresh cream pies from his new wife. She gos to a OBGYN who removes the hood from her clit, then the couple go to a hypnotist that helps her love sex in all three of her holes, then he works on the boy who he gets into his subconscious and gets him to give the doctor head, and then he is used as a male whore.
The young husband can not help himself because the doctor put it in his brain that he loves sucking cock and being fucked in his asshole.

This most likely the dirtiest story that I have even written. I wonder just how long I will have it in my files before I can get it edited so I may post it.