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Christmas Time Is Coming.

December 13, 2014
Posted at 10:30 am

In less than two weeks it will be Christmas. While this is a "Christian" holiday the good will and cheer the holiday brings up is not limited to Christians, nor should it be. My faith does not follow Jesus or the New Testament but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the happy mood that most people are in at this time of year. I do enjoy it and contribute to it where and as I can. If someone is wished a "Merry Christmas" the intent is to give good tidings, not to denigrate anyone else's beliefs. I think we would all be better off if we could remember that and share the sentiment, not just now, but all year long.

This is also a time when some who are alone, for whatever reason, suffer greatly because of their loneliness and it results in great sorrow and depression. Tragically, the suicide rate typically spikes around the holiday. If you know of someone who IS alone, it's a good thing to reach out to them, to bring some cheer into their lives and to let them know they aren't alone. It's a mitzvah and good for your karma. We all have times when things aren't the best for us and it's friends and family who help us through the tough times. People who are alone don't have that help and will most benefit from you including them as you celebrate the season.

I once worked for a company where we used the computer extensively. The administrator always assigned an initial password that you would use to get started in the system. Invariably the password she assigned was "Be Kind", I always thought that was a great way of reminding everyone to do just that. I never changed that password the entire time I was with that company.

I will finish this week with that same thought, be kind, to everyone around you, always.

Please stay with me and until next time.

- Stay Safe and Stay Well -