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An update, for those interested

December 12, 2014
Posted at 10:21 pm

Hi all.

Well, a new chapter is up, after a delay. Why the delay? Basically, because work is draining my spirit. I get home, and just don't feel like writing. It's getting annoying. I'm damned tempted to see if I can get my Patreon donations high enough to support me, but that's not realistic. 500 people giving a dollar a week is a bit much to ask for. But, hell, I may try anyway. My wonderful current donors pay for a week of groceries, which is a great help.

So, what's up story wise? Well, Wizards of Nowy Poland will have a time jump, moving past when book 2 took place. I have a couple short story ideas I may do. I'd like something that can be nominated for a Clitoride award :) No timeframe for anything.