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Ashley III, Chapters 15 & 16

December 12, 2014
Posted at 5:31 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

This weeks chapters open with all of the new Field Agents arriving at the Agency's Headquarters. The Kincades and their boyfriends are taken to see the Director of Operations.

Tony, the Director of Operations, has questions for them and comments. The action on the 28th of December comes up, and Tony is upset that the report of it is overdue. He sends the Kincades and their guys on the tour of the facilities while he checks on things.

On the tour they are issued apartments for their stay at Headquarters. Tony is unhappy when he learns that Greg Hawthorn is in Atlanta, and meanwhile Hawthorn is meeting with the mercenaries that he has hired.

Saturday, the twins return to Tony's office to see what he has learned, and some amazing information is revealed, causing the twins to call home to inform Bill of it. Later that afternoon, they discover the gym in the basement of their building. On Monday they learn more information that they also relay to Bill.

Meanwhile, Bill has been busy making preparations and monitoring the mercenaries activities. He takes over the Narrative for the last part of these two chapters and describes the surprises that he has for the mercenaries when they come to call.

Enjoy these chapters, more next week.

Keep Well,
uncle jim