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Apologies and More.

December 6, 2014
Posted at 10:39 am

I will start by apologizing to my Canadian readers. A few of you pointed out to me that Thanksgiving is not a holiday unique to America, that it is also celebrated in Canada, just in October not November. I knew that but didn't think of it when I was writing my blog post last week. It would have been more correct to say Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to North America. Again, my apologies for any offense, it was not intended.

Tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day. I always take a personal moment to remember it. It was tremendously important to America and did a lot to further the growth of the country. It was a horrible day in our history that besides resulting in the massive loss of life and our involvement in World War II, also kicked our industrial might and willpower into high gear. This country is losing its WWII veterans by the hundreds on a daily basis. When they are gone, so too, will be the living memory of that war. It saddens me because it's not right and when we don't remember the horror and tragedy of war we tend to get into them. I personally think December 7th should be a National day of remembrance.

As far as the story goes, Wayne and Todd both either make an appearance or are talked of in this week's chapter. Is it the last we hear of them? Time will tell.

Please stay with me and until next time.

- Stay Safe and Stay Well -