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SECOND CHANCE - An Update on Logan

December 3, 2014
Posted at 7:41 pm

Folks, I got this heart breaking email, from Mike "O" a little while ago and wanted to share it with you. I can't imagine the heartache for that family, to be keeping a vigil at their child's bedside, in ICU, during Christmas.


Hi Folks - The roller coaster ride is still going on. Logan's breathing was too rapid and shallow to risk taking away the ventilator today. His temperature was up again, though not quite as high as before. If he still needs breathing assistance tomorrow, Friday will be "decision day" for a tracheotomy. I told Jeremy I would stay with Logan tonight if he wished. He has been there a lot, and should rest up for the times we can't be here.

Norma and I will stay here until that decision/action is done and return home Friday night, or more likely, early Saturday. Brian will be here for Amy. We have to shift hotels tomorrow as our current motel has a conference of some sort starting Thursday. The new hotel has some type of girls' sporting event. Should be interesting but not quiet.

Last night a Des Moines TV station ran an interview with Amy. They hope that it will trigger someone who knows something to step forward. There is a link to the story on the site I will discuss later in this note.

Also, last night LifeFlight brought in a young couple from near where Logan was hurt. Someone ran a stop sign and "T-Boned" them, pushing the car's side in about two feet. The girl has hip injuries very much like Logan's, her fiancé is badly injured, but not in ICU. They were to be married Saturday, Dec. 14. Please keep them in your thoughts/hearts/prayers as you have been for Logan.

Amy has now had the time to design a custom Web page for Logan. She plans to move all her updates there, so if you are following her posts, forget about CaringBridge or FaceBook. In her words: "Our site for Logan is now up and running. Please pass this along for us. It is now a one stop shop for people to follow Logan as he heals, see the various reports in the news as we search for the person who hit him, and to make donations to our family so that we can continue to stay by his side and care of him while he is located so far away from us."

I've had a couple of inquiries about the "tribute" button on the CaringBridge site. It supports the site, a worthy activity, but nothing goes to Logan and his family. Donations can be made directly for Logan's benefit at or through PayPal to

Someone used "WePay" to direct deposit into the account that I provided info on earlier. As it was the 1st contribution made that way, I wanted to thank the donor and verify to you all, that the direct transfer does indeed work. Amy Robasse: Routing #314074269 Account #180405764.

There have been a number of donations, and I want you all to know that they are deeply appreciated.

Folks your emotional and spiritual support has helped so much. Thank you for being the caring people that you are.