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December 2, 2014
Posted at 4:26 am

'All American Boy' - Chapter 54 -

Has been submitted for posting on SOL

News of a recently opened Korean Taekwondo Martial
Arts studio in Masonville has caused quite a stir in junior
and senior high, as students and teachers alike scramble
to sign up for classes.

Until now, no one knew there was a shy 16 year old
sophomore student in Masonville Schools who was an
8th degree Black Belt in Korean Taekwondo.

Rick and Brandy stop by the T-shirt shop downtown
to pick up a few more Dalton Gang T-shirts for them
and their friends.

They learn that someone in Masonville other than
the owner of the T-shirt shop has already filed for
exclusive copyright protection on all shirts with his
name and number on them.

Their next stop - Charlie Stoner, the attorney who
has befriended Rick and his family.

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