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Ashley III, Chapters 11 & 12

November 28, 2014
Posted at 5:28 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

This week's chapters open with a lawyer and six thugs arriving at the farm to force Bill and his family off their land. They are quite surprised by the twins and their guys. The lawyer and his men are sent packing before the twins introduce the guys and reveal their secret.

Later there are questions for the guys before Bill relates stories about some of his work for the Agency, and explains about the bubble and how it saved his life. It's while talking about being a Blacksmith that he really connects with the guys.

Following dinner Ashley has a very frank talk with her daughters about sex, and there is sex for the twins that night and in the morning. The guys spend the next several days in the forge with Bill and his son, but spend the nights with the twins who awaken on the 30th to find that their periods have started.

On New Year's day there is the ceremonial lighting of the new fire in the forge and a lot of football watching.

Meanwhile, the lawyer has reported to his boss about not securing the land. And in Virginia, Gray suit is unhappy that he can't learn more about the twins, while Tony wonders why Greg Hawthorn was checking on them.

Hope that all of you had as good a Thanksgiving as our family did.

Enjoy these chapters, more next week.

Keep Well,
uncle jim