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Concluding thoughts

November 25, 2014
Posted at 9:49 pm

Many of you have enjoyed the fine romp that is Family Letters. I too have enjoyed writing it. But like all good things the time has come to move on. Soon we should post the last few chapters and get on with other writing.
What is next for me? I'm not sure. One thing that will be a limiting factor for a while is that I've become essentially homeless. Not unemployed thank all that is holey but at the same time it is cool and wet here now (Not that I'd change that if is could).

Mainly this means that I'll have to find a public hotspot to get on the net and that I'll have to consider how much driving I can put up with in order to have web access.

Straight talk may provide an answer if I can acquire a van or small motor home... I can't guess what will happen next but have high hopes that the lack of rent for a couple of months will make the motor home a more doable idea....!