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The Middle Thanksgiving Request

November 25, 2014
Posted at 9:32 pm

I am probably not alone in wishing the TV show "The Middle" had some erotic fan fiction.

They are sort of like the Brady Bunch of the modern age.

This is the summary:
ABC's comedy series uses a mother's point of view to shed light on the lives of a middle-class family in the Midwest. The show focuses on the Heck family life in an Indiana suburb and is narrated by Frankie, a dedicated-though frazzled-mother who works at a local car dealership and volunteers for school functions. Father Mike works at a quarry and takes a more laid back approach to most things, but backs up Frankie with force when the need arises. Oldest child Axl, a snarky, surly, high schooler, spends much of his time napping and roams around the home shirtless. Geeky, gangly, braces-wearing Sue is trying to navigate her way through junior high, join the cool crowd, and avoid Axl's endless onslaught of taunts, none of which she does with much success. Youngest child Brick is in elementary school and is the academic in the family, but suffers from near-crippling social anxieties and possesses an odd habit of repeating words he just said back to himself in a loud whisper.

So here is my request:

One of their best specials is a Thanksgiving one. The most recent one they go out to eat at a buffet with Brick's girlfriend (he is in middle school at this point) and all sorts of hijinks ensue. I think watching that episode would probably be a great inspiration. Sue has a boyfriend, Axl has a cousin's aunt's friend of a friend hook-up, etc.

So what I would like to see is a twisted, sordid, erotic tale involving blackmail, practical jokes, and sexuality with them - and thanksgiving.

I could definitely picture Sue being trussed up like a Turkey at the very end and served on a platter, and her brother being like "Gobble, Gobble!"