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Completion of "Blackfeather"

November 23, 2014
Posted at 9:37 am

When I wrote "Redtail" I had no intentions of writing a sequel. But the more people commented on "Redtail" the more a sequel began taking shape in my mind and characters began to talk to me. The tipping point was when I visited Laramie WYO in August. After walking around the city and driving out to Centennial and meeting some of the great people there, I left knowing that I had to return to the Bell family and that there were more time travelers to come.

Late last night I completed the first draft of the sequel, "Blackfeather." That doesn't mean it's ready to post. There is a lot of fine tuning to be done on this story and possibly another ten thousand words to add in over the course of the next couple months. Then there is sending it to my editors and preparing it for publication. I plan to enter this one in a competition and one of the rules is that it can't be published before February 20. So my current plan is to begin posting it about that time and to have both the eBook and paperback out by March 1.

There was a bit of serendipity in finishing the first draft on November 22. That happens to be the heroine's (Ramie) birthday and the book ends on her 22nd birthday, also known as her golden birthday. It wasn't planned that way but it's cool that it worked out.

I'll repeat my notification that I expect by sometime on Tuesday I will be in the mountains and off the grid. I'll return to reality sometime next weekend. In the meantime, enjoy my FB page at

If I don't get a chance to mention it again, have a happy holiday for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. For those who don't, I wish you the same joy!