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Chapter 306 of Book 3 is in the queue

November 21, 2014
Posted at 2:22 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...After taking a shower, Eileen dressed in casual clothes, started a pot of coffee and when it finished brewing, poured a cup. By then, her stomach had asserted itself and she had just finished putting sandwich fixings on the table when the doorbell rang.

Muttering about poor timing, she took a quick sip of coffee, put the cup down and hurried to the door half expecting Sheila to be there to gripe about their terminations just before Christmas.

Flinging the door open, she quickly realized that the distinguished-looking gentleman standing there, clad in a dark gray suit and half-hidden behind a ridiculously large bouquet of long-stem red roses, had the wrong address. Just as she was about to tell him so, "Ms. Eileen Murray?" he enquired.

"Uh, yes," she stammered, mentally kicking herself for sounding like an idiot.

"Madam, I am employed by Wainwright, Inc. At the direction of Mrs. Margaret Wainwright, I have been entrusted to deliver this envelope and its contents, along with this bouquet of roses. The bouquet is quite heavy. With your permission to enter, I will place them wherever you might designate."

With her mind frantically wondering who would send her flowers, she stepped back a pace and motioned to the coffee table in her small living room.

After carefully placing the bouquet on the table, he straightened up. "Thank you, Madam. I have been instructed to caution you that the flowers will need additional water in the vase, and this is also for you, Ma'am," he finished with a slight bow as he handed her a manila envelope...

Have a goodun;