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Chapter 305 of Book 3 is in the queue

November 14, 2014
Posted at 1:16 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

Dave and Evie were on one of the scouts.

..."So, you're bored already? We could go check out our bunk," he teased.

Evie smacked him on the leg. "We'll definitely do that later, but I'm not bored - yet. It does feel like I've done this a million times, though. Well… a good many, anyway," she conceded, then changing the subject slightly, "I miss Linda and Kim already, and I'll bet they're going to miss you - or at least that big dick of yours," Evie said with a quiet giggle.

Dave grinned at her. "And… they love you just as much, as you well know."

"Yeah, but darnit, it's too bad there isn't room for all four of us."

Dave shrugged as he checked their position, then the screens - particularly the rear one - his long-ago sniper training always present. Many snipers had died while being stalked, even as they stalked their own targets. The Alpha shrugged, but the motion was lost in the snug-fitting seat. "Yeah, it's hard to believe that we haven't physically been in one of these before. I keep telling myself that, but my brain knows I have flown a scout many times. Crap, how is it possible for Ship's simulation to be so real?"

Evie grinned over at her husband. "Seems to me that I've already mentioned that. Now, shall we check out the galley?"

"Hmmm. Food or pussy? Now which shall I choose?" he teased as he pushed himself out of the pilot's seat.

"We can't fuck the whole time we're out here," Evie responded reasonably as she followed her husband toward the tiny galley.

"We can't?" he asked in a mystified tone as she whacked him on the back of the head...

Have a goodun;