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Chapter Two of Arc Dec #4 is Up

November 14, 2014
Posted at 12:52 pm

After a week or so of massive re-re-writes, I've finally wrangled Chapter Two into something resembling publishable condition. My main problem was that I had a major timeline flaw in my head, when I mentally wrote the story, but when I sat down to write it I realized almost immediately that it wasn't going to work that way!

So, the last third or so of my original Chapter Two will probably now appear later as Chapter Four! I've started slowly working on the next Chapter (the in-between stuff) but I don't think it will get off to editing until late next week. So, posting of Chapter Three will be at least two weeks away.

I won't post it on Black Friday... no one will be home here that weekend anyway. Probably posted then for December 5th.

Might work a bit today on the next chapter of Murder by the Numbers. Zero (so far) reader feedback. I'll just try and finish the thing up quick to be done with it so I can move on to other things.