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It's all about me

November 8, 2014
Posted at 8:56 pm


Knee arthroscopy went well. recovery? two weeks of physical therapy. got most everything back, at least more than I had when I went into surgery.

Muse still a fleeting creature, but she did give up a chapter of Kimberly which I dutifully sent to the editor.

Working on a chapter of Community.

Enjoying the beginnings of winter on the Gulf Coast, which means I've actually had temperatures in the forties (you Yankess can shut up your giggles) and I love this time of year.

And in the back of my head - Bob gets into his pickup truck after visiting a metering station deep in South Texas. He's on the highway when a head rises over the seat behind him. "Meester, can jou give me someting to dreenk, por favor?"