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Chapter 304 of Book 3 is in the queue

November 7, 2014
Posted at 8:12 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Whatever it was, it was stripping the leaves off a bush, but it was still twenty yards or more away from him and there were numerous bushes between. Waiting tensely, his legs began to tremble, but anticipation mostly overrode the pain. Move, damn you, he railed mentally at the beast, but the thought of going without something to eat kept him rooted in place. After what seemed like a week, the animal turned away from the bush and ambled on down the trail toward Morales.

Wait. Wait, he told himself as he slid a sweating finger to caress the trigger of his crossbow. Don't get buck fever. Focus on the sights. Line them up just like the book taught you - just the way you practiced back on that miniature range in the cell. It's a target. It's just a target, he told himself.

Finally, the animal came within easy range, looking startlingly similar to the antelope he had seen in a video of animals in Wyoming, only bigger. The book had cautioned that the pseudo-antelopes were startlingly fast. Suddenly, it stopped, sniffing the air. Oh, shit! Now or never, he thought as he slowly rose up to clear his shot above the bush he was hiding behind.

When he moved, the antelope saw him, but Morales was already looking down the sights as he and the weapon came up together. As soon as the sights crossed the animal's chest, he squeezed the trigger. Even as the crack of the crossbow sounded in the stillness of the deep forest, the antelope began its leap over the bushes beside the trail, but instead of a graceful jump over an obstacle that would normally be trivial to it, it crashed down, staggered for a few steps and collapsed.

Frantically, Morales put the crossbow down, grabbed up his compound bow, the arrow already nocked, and charged around the bushes he had been hiding behind...

Have a goodun;