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CONTEST: One Chapter from hard times

November 7, 2014
Posted at 3:34 pm

I am working on chapter 69 of Hard Times right now and I decided to celebrate!

I have my inspiration to keep writing this story back. I had to drive through industrial areas, trailer parks, old seedy motels, and visit a dozen walmarts and flea markets but I think its back.

I've seen men with cut off shirts and big belt buckles and women with skin tight camel-toe stretchy pants up and down the aisles of walmart in search of extra-jumbo oreos and a tub of anal lube.

I thought I would throw a short contest.


Send me your favorite chapter from chapter 1-68 in Hard Times and a description of a particular scene.

One you think could have been elaborated on - detailed out more. What you think might have happened or should happen.

If I pick your submission I will:

A) Update that chapter with the elaboration!
B) Be willing to write your alter-ego (based on you or what you share with me about you) into the story!


Write a "fan fiction" and set it in Family Feud elaborating on one of those chapters 1-69.

You might even pick some of the non main characters like Buford or Odd-Jobs and write about something they did while this was all going on!

If you need help figuring out how to submit a story to a "Universe" on here -let me know and I will walk you through it.