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Ginnie's Journey

November 2, 2014
Posted at 8:00 pm

I have finished Ginnie's stories with "And I Said Yes." I thank everybody who has commented on this story, and on the series as a whole. It seems to have struck a chord with people, particularly mature men.

Somebody did comment that she felt that I had let her down when I had Ginnie accept a proposal of marriage, just after I had built my character up as an independent woman who was responsible for everything in her life, from income to orgasms. Did I intend to imply that for all that independence, she was not truly complete until she was with a man?

Not at all. It is true that it was women who re-introduced Ginnie to her sexuality, and guided her to being able to attend to her own sexual satisfaction. It is also true that Ginnie found herself more comfortable with heterosexuality than with homosexuality, and eventually chose that track for her life. That was her choice. It would have been equally valid had she chosen a female lover to settle down with, had she been more comfortable with that. Had she found happiness in staying single, that would have been all right, too.

The point, though, is that she realized that what she was seeking was companionship on its most intimate level, and she found the man who could provide that companionship. She finally was ready to accept another person into her heart of hearts, and she discovered at last that he himself had healed to the point where he could allow himself to make a commitment to her. The barriers were finally down.