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October 30, 2014
Posted at 1:47 am

'All American Boy'

...Is a story I started writing in the winter of 2006. The next
thing I knew, I was thirty chapters deep into a story that
had taken off on me.

It was my first attempt at writing and posting on the internet.
That was back when sex stories were very popular on SOL.

I made a lot of errors because I wrote like I talk. Not that
I hadn't learned good English, just that I had forgotten about
all that proper shit when I got out into the real world and
started talking like the people around me as I made my
living as a salesman, selling equipment and supplies to
country folks for use on their farms.

I started AAB for two reasons:

One - just to see if I could put a tall tale into print like I could
spin a yarn verbally and get people to listen, then laugh
when they realized it was just another tall tale of mine.
I picked up that art from both my grandpas and I'm still
whittling on it.

Two - because I was tired of reading erotic stories in which
the writer was afraid to tell what really happened when
teenagers came of age and discovered sex!

The characters would lead the reader through all the lovey
dovey parts right up to where the boy and his girl were in the
backseat of the family station wagon with the windows
fogged up and he was touching and feeling wet places and
hot things he had only dreamed of before. They were scared
half to death - gasping and sweating as they pulled at each
others clothing. She asks if he remembered to bring protection
and he answers with a yessss, which sounds just like a snake
hissing at you when you read over that part.

Then in the next paragraph, they're driving home, laughing
and talking as if nothing happened.

Maybe it didn't for all I know!

'All American Boy' is the story of a young man who has been
raised by his mother. He has a sister three years older. He never
knew his father and never had a father figure in his life.

At age thirteen his body begins to change dramatically and he
doesn't know how or why. No one can explain his changes to
him, but suddenly he's a boy in a man's body. In school, he's a
man among boys... and girls... and female teachers.

He feels compelled to run and he loves it. He runs and runs and
runs, as if he's trying to chase down answers to things he doesn't
understand. He tries desperately to burn off the mysterious energy
that just keeps coming at him from somewhere deep inside.

He turns to sports, working out at the gym, and later Martial Arts,
as an outlet for his raging hormones and the ever building tsunami
of adrenaline that crashes through his loins.

Because of his size, speed, determination and grit, he becomes the
leader of his eighth grade football team, and overnight he's a home-
town hero.

He looks to his coaches for guidance and tries his best to please them.

Stories of his athletic abilities on the gridiron hit the pages of the
major newspapers and sports magazines - those which cater to the
hype millions of sports fans crave. The sportswriters give him a BOLD
new nickname that will follow him throughout his football career.

Grown women, young boys, teenage girls, and female teachers alike,
idolize him.

Is there teenage sex in this story?

Hell yessss there is!

Is there hot and steamy sex in this story?

Helllll yessss there is!

And some girls don't make it home in the next paragraph either -
sometimes they still haven't made it home when you turn the page!

If you like sex and you like sports too - then - suddenly, as you rip right
down through the middle of the story, you read about a group of young
football players who bond together and make life altering commitments
to each other and their team - you just may like this story.

They set far reaching goals for themselves and their team, then they
reach out to pick each other up by their chin straps when they fall face
down. But, they never give up, even when it looks like they are just
about to be tackled on the one yard line with time running out in the 4th

Driven by sheer determination, they change football forever in their
school, their hometown and the State of Texas; all the while, living life
to the fullest each and every day of their young lives.

We're putting Rick Dalton and his team, known as The Dalton Gang,
back in the starting lineup so they can run roughshod over their
opponents on the football field.

Destiny is their referee and they're ready to run their up-tempo, no
huddle offense as soon as he sets the ball on the hash-mark and blows
the whistle.

But I warn you again, there is sex in this story.

--- 'All American Boy' is free on SOL---

- It won't cost you one red cent to read it. I give it to you -

But don't read it if you don't like stories filled with sex & sports.

The last chapter was added to this story on March 10, 2012.

In a few days we will strip away that ugly, incomplete and inactive
yellow stripe this story has worn for over a year.

The story will pick up exactly where Chapter 48 ended.

I plan to post Chapter 49 on Saturday, November 1, 2014.
Then another chapter each Tuesday until Part 1 has been posted.

There are 10 chapters written and edited with another 5 completed
and waiting to be edited.

All American Boy is just another tall tale of mine......
and it's all in fun .….. ain't it?

I hope to see you on the sidelines....

-The Story Teller-